An important aspect of growing spiritually is discipleship.  Discipleship is simply helping another person grow spiritually.  You can also look at it as mentoring.

A mentor is a person who helps someone follow the same path.  A good mentor will share their successes and failures.  A great mentor hopes the person will surpass them and go even further.

When I was a Pastor, my youth pastor and I wrote a discipleship curriculum.  We tried to make it user-friendly.  It assumes the person is starting from the very beginning.  I have sought to continue to improve it and make it a useful tool.  Please feel free to give me your feedback.

Here you go:

Discipleship Curriculum Fourth Edition

5 responses

27 01 2012
Phil Ewing

Just found your blog and its pithy and well written. Congratulations
Have esigned up for e .mail posts and look forward to more from you.

28 01 2012

Thank you very much. I have really enjoyed being able to do this. It has been a blessing. Hope you are having a great day.

11 12 2012
Mike Northcutt Sr

Hey Mr. Paul! I just found this blog as I was thinking of you and how long it has been since we talked. Sorry I don’t facebook or tweet, but I did ad to my favorites. I would like to find a way for more personal contact periodically just to stay up to date and lift each other’s needs and family needs to God as well as thanksgiving for blessings.
Love You Brother,
-Mike Northcutt

24 06 2014

Thank you for your service! God bless you. I pray for all our service men and women and maybe through your blogs and the emails you send those lost will hear about what Jesus did for them and find their way into the Kingdom ❤

23 09 2014

Hey Paul. You were a great mentor at Northeast Christian Church and brought me through a lot of tough times. Anyway, I wanted to try and catch up with you again and share some great stuff that has been happening. Also, check out our Bible-based websites:


And if you get the chance, send me a quick e-mail. thebottomline2014@gmail.com

Hope things are going well for you. God bless.


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