Hi.  I had the privilege of serving as a Navy Chaplain.

I started writing a weekly devotional while deployed in Afghanistan for those who could not attend my weekly services.  When I returned, I found writing a weekly devotional was a great opportunity to reach out and help people connect to God.  Things have grown and now I have a blog (thanks to a lot of pushing by a good friend).

My hope is this site will help you pause, reflect and grow in your relationship with God and others.  I try to operate by a simple principle I heard from a speaker: Jesus is right. If he is right, then we need to follow him in every area of our lives.

Thanks for reading!

Blessed to be a blessing

2 responses

18 03 2012
Colleen T.

There is probably a “reason” I found your blog… so I’ll be bookmarking you and coming back often. Thanks for listening to your friends. Thank you for your service – special place in my heart for all our military personnel. Colleen

23 03 2012

Thank you. I hope you will find it helpful. I am very thankful to serve the way I do and I am thankful to have the opportunity to write. God bless

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