Lent -the opportunity to reflect

15 02 2013

Have you ever been in a one way relationship?  The person only calls when they need something from you.  Anytime you do something together you end up doing what they wanted to do regardless of what you wanted.  Anytime you succeed they make sure you know that they did something better.  Over time it gets frustrating and either you distance yourself from that person or you just accept that is how they are hoping they don’t call to ask  what you are doing this weekend.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Lent.  It struck me as I was thinking through what I would give up for Lent that our relationship with God can sometimes become one sided.  We become that person who only calls God when we need something.  We ask God to come along with what we are doing but don’t pause to see what God would want us to do.  Others put God as the bad guy in the relationship.  They assume God is always looking down on them and even when they do something good, they should have done more.

Lent is a part of Church tradition.  It is a time for people to repent and consider the sacrifice Jesus made.  Many fast from something.  Let’s face it if Jesus can give up heaven to come to earth maybe we can give up sweets for 40 days.

That’s when it hit me.  By pausing and focusing on what Jesus has done for me, I was naturally looking at my relationship.  I could see elements creeping in that were making me a one way kind of guy.  I got excited because by making some sacrifices for Lent it gave me an opportunity to re-invigorate my relationship with God.  There is also value for the person who puts God in the bad guy role.  For that person Lent is an opportunity to reflect on what Jesus did.  It is amazing to think about God giving up his position to be born in a stable and live a harsh life most likely often at the edge of poverty.  Then, he willingly faced death in order to bridge the relationship between God and humanity.  Bottom line: you can’t look at Jesus and not see just how much God loves us.  Hopefully that moves God from being the “bad guy” to the rightful place as a loving God who deeply desires a personal relationship with us.

My prayer for you is that this Lent will be a chance to pause and reflect on your relationship with God.  If you are like me and need to balance out your relationship then join me in giving something up.  If you need to reconnect with God because you have lost the perspective of how much God loves you then I hope this will encourage you to take a step towards God.  In either case I appreciate Lent and the opportunity it gives us to reflect.



2 responses

16 02 2013

Thank you for being the wonderful man you are. You are blessing to God and all who love him.

16 02 2013
Bob Yawberg

Thanks Chap for the Lenten reminder- timely word- Blessings, bob Prov 17:17

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